Hardwood Floor Refinishing Orland Park Can Trust

CMS Floors did an amazing job on our floors! We inherited our home with its beautiful hardwood floors from my parents, and it was beautiful…but also a bit scratched up. The years of small children and a small petting zoo of household pets had taken its toll. We didn’t want to replace it if we didn’t have to. First of all, that’s expensive. But the floor also held so many memories.

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Orland Park Friends Recommended

We started asking around about hardwood floor refinishing Orland Park friends of ours could recommend. They suggested CMS, and it was a fantastic experience. They did the job quickly, and returned our floor to its former glory at a very reasonable cost. Though I hope we never have to deal with our floors again in our lifetime, I would hire them again in an instant!

This year, we decided to have them come in to provide service to both of our HVAC units, and they have kept them in prime working condition. For homeowners can rest easy with, definitely call AirTemp. They’ll get you fixed right up!