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Focus on interior design

The basics of decorating in vintage style are to use old items to give your home a nostalgic feeling. However, the vintage style is more than just the antiques. You have to know how to combine the past with the present to create a unique union that will feel fresh while still retaining the charm of the past. Great way to begin decorating in vintage style I to pick the right color scheme. If you are a fan of cottage scheme then remember to use faded colors. This includes colors like yellow, powdery blue and rose. If you are pursuing a more vibrant look, then the colors green and red should be added. As far as finding great items to decorate your rooms, flea markets and thrift shops are the places you will spend most time searching through. Consider spending your weekends to find some interesting items you can later put on display in your house. What kinds of items you should look for depends only on what you would like to put in your home. Antique clocks? Perhaps a pendulum clock or maybe a vintage kitty-cat clock is more to your liking. Using handkerchiefs to decorate your bedroom is a great way to combine romance and vintage vibes. Other places worth searching for such items are the various internet auctions. It does not take much to turn your bathroom into a vintage one. Simply styling certain features can grant that effect. Black and white or subway tiles can be used for the backsplash. Not only are they very functional but also look great. Antique mirrors are something you should look for. Alternatively, you can use wooden ones, either a rustic, raw or maybe a painted one. The usage of porcelain for the faucet handles and pedestal sinks is recommended. Brass hardware is also a viable option. When deciding on the curtains, lace ones will work best with the vintage style. As for railings, use wall mounts with iron or wooden bars. Want to know a simple way to help improve the vintage feel of your kitchen? Replace the solid pantry door with a screened one. Screen door really helps make your kitchen look vintage so if you have a door in the kitchen which leads outside, be sure to add a screen door to it. Not only will it look great, but also prove very practical when the hot summer months arrive. Additionally, consider whether a bead board might be a welcome addition to your kitchen. You can cover your walls with it or maybe just use it as a backsplash. Either way, you kitchen will get that vintage look to it that you are seeking. There are numerous ways you can remodel your home to fit the vintage style, however you should make sure to hire an experienced company that knows how to handle kitchen remodeling glenview. Darek and Sons Remodeling is one of those companies that know how to treat their customers. They will do everything they can to help you make your dream home into reality.

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Vintage windows ideas

When it comes to vintage windows there is a large variety of different window styles. Getting the help of a company like New Edge Window Replacement can be helpful when it comes to making the decision which windows will fit your home the best. It is one of the best window companies in Chicago and a great choice when you need help choosing a type of window. Their vast knowledge when it comes to windows will prove invaluable when helping you discover what kind of windows will be a best fit for your home. For example, one type of window often used in vintage style is something known as the Quatrefoil window. This window resembles a four leaf clover and is often seen in houses built according to the gothic style. Worth noting is the fact that gothic architecture was meant to inspire religious feeling and motivate the homeowner to lead a godly live. Choosing such type of window may be great for someone that wishes to have their home reflect their faith. These windows can be placed in any part of the house and both plan and stained glass may be used. Another vintage style window is the Dormer window. It is normally set vertically on a horizontal roof and it possesses its own roof providing even more protection. By using this type of window you can make rooms with sloping ceilings more habitable. These windows allow much more light to get in the room and make spending time there more pleasant. Oriel window is a type of vintage bay window that is always placed on the upper floors. This is what distinguishes it from other bay windows. Oriel windows are projected from the side of a building and corbels support them. If you would like to own a fan shaped window, simply ask the window contractors about a Fanlight window. Traditionally, they are situated over a door or another window and serve a decorative purpose. If placed over a door, they can serve also the purpose of lighting the hallway with sunlight. Another vintage window that may interest you is the so called Palladian window. It is characterized by its division into three parts. The middle one is larger than the two side parts and can be arched if such is the preference of the client. There are still many more ideas for vintage windows. Want to add some light to your hallways, but the Fanlight window is not something you want? Think about choosing the sidelights – vertical windows on a side of the door made from stained glass. Jalousie window is a unique type of vintage window that differs a lot from other types. It opens with a series of louvres that you can open using a crank. This is not something you can easily find in a house. It also requires an experienced window company to properly install for you. Another idea is the Eyebrow window. It is an arched and narrow window that tends to be situated in the roof-line of the building.

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Add charming porch

The purpose of a porch is to enhance the exterior of your home and different types of porches achieve this in different ways. Which one is the best one for your house depends on what your expectations are. Is the main purpose of the porch welcoming guests? Maybe you are looking for a place where you can relax with your family during the summer. Considering the number of options available to anyone looking for a porch, consulting experts is recommended. Koval Porch & Deck Builders Chicago is the kind of company that has a lot of experience dealing with porches and will be able to guide you in making the right choice for your home. Thanks to their years of experience in the field of porches, they are able to build many different types of porches. Simply tell them what are your requirements and they will pick the best porch for you and your home. Normally, a porch is built either in front, behind or around the house. Their purposes are different, although all of them allow their owners to enjoy the outdoors. If you are looking to impress the neighbors and anyone passing by with your home, a front porch can do wonders for the curb appeal of your property. On the other hand, if what you require is an additional space to entertain your guests, a back porch is the right choice for you. Depending on the style you choose, you will be able to use your backyard more efficiently. Porches that surround the house are also known as wraparound porches. They will provide your home with a touch of class and make spending time outside more pleasurable. Since they surround the entire house, you gain a lot more extra space to enjoy. Additionally, when the weather is warm and the sun is up, they can provide shade in which you can take refuge from the merciless heat. On the other hand, when it is raining you can still relax outside without worrying about getting wet. Such porches are most common when it comes to houses built in the Colonial or Victorian style. Enclosed porches can be used in all four seasons. All you need to do is to replace the panels for the most suitable ones for the particular season. In summer glass panels can be used, while screen panels are best for the other three seasons. Just how exactly a porch looks like, varies depending on the owner. It might be a simple slab of concrete. Another person might prefer creating an outdoor space that resembles a living room with access to electricity. They key is getting the right professionals to come and install it for you according to your expectations. If you are looking to extend your home with a porch, you should consider building a covered porch. Coupled with a roof and some walls, they are the most popular style of porch with a rich variety of unique styles. The use of such porches is a great way to make your house seem more inviting and spacious.

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Don’t forget about siding

Certainly choosing the right type of siding can be difficult. When asked, professionals tend to praise the advantages of wood siding. One of the oldest types of siding, it still remains one of the most popular ones for many reasons. Countless other materials often imitate the look of wood. This is because it grants your house a certain classic look that conjures positive emotion in anyone looking at it. Maybe it is something in our DNA, but natural wood has a very positive effect on humans. Regardless of the reasons for it, there is no reason to choose cheap imitations when you can have the real deal. There are many different styles and types when it comes to wood siding made from real wood. Anyone can find a siding that will meet their needs. Some of the most common types are the gorgeous hand-cut shakes, precise machine-cut shingles and solid wood. As for what kind of wood is the best, there are many great choices. Both redwood and cedar are common woods that resist decaying and wood siding made from them can be very long lasting. The possible combinations are almost endless and anyone can find something for themselves and their house. People more concerned with the practicality of a material should take into consideration how easy it is to obtain wood and how simple the process of installing it really is. It does not require highly qualified contractors that are often very expensive. Frankly, almost any competent siding contractors can handle installing a wood siding. The fact that wood is such an easy material to work with leads many homeowners that are interested in carpentry to try and install such siding by themselves. Even if their level of knowledge when it comes to carpentry is not high, they can still handle such task with relative ease. This way they can save some money while enjoying their hobby. Of course, not everyone has the time or inclination to install their own wood siding. Those people should hire a reliable siding company that will complete this task for them. When it comes to environmentally friendly materials it is hard to find a better choice than wood. It is naturally biodegradable and you do not have to worry about polluting our planet. All in all, wood siding is a great choice when you are a fan of the vintage style. Do not hesitate to contact a siding contractor in Aurora from a company like the All American Construction company. Their contractors are all highly skilled and knowledgeable about their industry. If you have any questions about siding, they will be able to provide you with answers. Additionally, their employees can give you advice if you are not sure what kind of siding you should choose.

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