4 Ways to add some modernity to your home

After moving into your house, everything is perfect - new appliances, fixtures, and décor suited to your tastes and needs. However, after several years something starts to change. For one thing, your house’s interior gets older and slightly worn. Well, there are object that gain a character with the signs of aging but scratched floors, stained sofas or outdated audio equipment don’t belong to that category. Another aspect of your home diminishing appeal is changes in aforementioned tastes, needs and available technologies. Colors and styles that caught your attention several seasons ago may no longer be to your liking. Kids grow up, so you don’t need children-proof furniture anymore and high chairs can be replaced with normal ones. Or maybe an elder relative has moved with you so you are going to introduce some improvements to your house design, which address that person’s needs better. Ok, no matter the reason, home remodeling every few years might be beneficial for you in terms of increased comfort and safety. No worries though, you don’t have to demolish walls or start construction works at your backyard (unless you want to). Actually even small changes may mean vast upgrade to the quality of your life.

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Redesign your home interior

So, you have that nagging feeling that it’s high time to make some changes to your house design. It’s not that your home is deteriorating and needs some urgent repairs. However, some of the décor may no longer look its best. It’s so outdated that you cannot even find user’s guide on the manufacturers website (not mentioning spare parts) or it’s annoyingly high maintenance (e.g. old HVAC systems but gloss furniture or oiled wooden floors as well). You are ready for the quest for better looking, more comfortable property but you aren’t sure where to start. There are plenty of websites that offer interior design tips and / or proper home remodeling Chicago. Of course, professional remodeling contractors are able to help you with making a project as well as with its perfect execution but before you get there, you should start with finding some inspirations. Nowadays there are plenty of online resources available so you can mix and match their content to your particular tastes. Nevertheless articles with headers like “The top (three, five, umpteen, several dozen) interior design trends” aren’t a good starting point. They cherry pick single details and offer contradicting, vague advices of a fortune cookie. Well, there is no saying that opposing elements cannot be trendy at the same time (white vs. vivid colors, intricate patterns vs. smooth surfaces, classic vs. modern and so on). However, creating harmonious, homey interior requires something more than those bits and pieces. Here is my advice for great home remodeling ideas – go to Pinterest. Yeah, I know it sounds like exactly the thing I warned against but there is an important difference. You can bookmark everything you like (shapes, colors, styles, textures, particular fixtures and pieces of furniture) and from there work out the most suitable look for your home. Now remodeling company can help you with shaping your ideas into the perfect interior design. Keep in mind though that looks are only the half of the job. Another is comfort. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that cover that requirement. Among the trends that constantly grow in popularity are smart home solutions. Most of the time equipment used is minimalistic in design so may appeal to someone who likes clean lines and simplicity (qualities dominating in so called modern and Scandinavian styles among others). But smart home is, above all else, about comfort of living and encompasses wide range of gizmos and systems from home audio and theater, through security cameras to automatic plant watering. If you love ecofriendly design then it has something for you as well. Modern technology may be a great ally to sustainable way of living (water conservation, improved air quality etc.) and complements nicely natural décor of wooden floors, woven rugs and repurposed furniture pieces.

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Take care of your HVAC systems

There is a popular saying that goes „If it ain't broke, don't fix it”. Most of the homeowners take that advice to heart and don’t inspect the efficiency or condition of the thing until some problem arises. There are appliances and fixtures that won’t be worse-off with such approach. Unfortunately, HVAC systems don’t belong to that category. In general, its performance is very reliable but natural tear and wear as well as occasional failures do have place. Unexpected damage to your heating and cooling may not only require serious repair but even a complete replacement of the whole thing. Well, you cannot foresee or avoid such situations completely but you definitely can minimize their costs and extent with regular HVAC maintenance. Checkups are great as well to prolong the life expectancy of the system. All nice and well but as I mentioned before, homeowners are prone to wait with calling a technician until there is something wrong. However, before you grab a phone, it’s good to have a look on the appliance and determine the source of a problem. Yeah, I know you aren’t an expert (unless of course you are, then just skip that section ;)) but some knowledge may help you with differentiating between the situation when HVAC contractor in needed or when you can do some adjustments yourself. Let’s say that there is ice or frost on the AC unit, which may result in damage to the walls or ceiling. The easiest remedy to that problem is to maintain the temperature above 70 degrees. All nice and well but in some cases, like when you need to use air conditioning in the winter, it’s not possible. Then there is time to call HVAC contractor to install low ambient kit. Another problem that requires professional help is failure of the condenser fan (your system does not cool the room). Leakage of refrigerant liquid (except from the condenser or evaporator coil) should be dealt by experts as well. On the other hand, when you have problem with thermostat, you don’t have to start with calling for help. First check if it’s on, has correct settings and charged batteries. Of course, to benefit from heating, ventilation or air conditioning inspection and repairs you need to find contractor, who will do the job properly. There are plenty companies, around who offers such service but check online reviews or better yet, ask friends and acquaintances about their recommendations. In my opinion, one of the best choices will be MIRON HVAC Repair Chicago. They have plenty of experience in what they do and if the need arises, they can replace on install a brand new system as well.

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Improve your home security

While modernizing your home, you should think about its security. With the advance of internet of things and accompanying smart home solutions, it easy and relatively cheap to monitor your property from any place you want. You can choose as well from wide range of equipment to create custom home security systems in Chicago, which best address your needs. When you’re at completing appliances, don’t forget about the question of monitoring them. Here options consists of taking the surveillance in your hands (using dedicated app for example) or leaving it to professionals, who in case of emergency, when something triggers an alarm, will contact with police or fire brigade. Such security system may consist of different elements, the most popular being smoke, CO and motion detectors, windows and doors sensors, and of course security cameras that can be mounted outdoors. There are of course, indoor cameras but those are better suited for business’ premises like malls and the like. Elements of good home security system should smoothly work together, relying on the programmed rules. Those rules can be as simple and basic as triggering an alarm when the smoke is detected or turning the lights as response to motion. But you aren’t solely limited to the obvious. Depending on your needs and capabilities of the chosen system, you can create your own “algorithms” for particular situations. Another aspect, you have to consider while deciding on home security is data storage. The medium for keeping your records isn’t so much of a concern as the “place”, where you keep it. I’m writing the word “place” between quotation marks because it doesn’t have to be physical localization. One option is keeping data locally on a SSD drive or SD card, another one – in a cloud. First solution, however more budget friendly, may result in accidental deleting or overwriting video needed later. Your storage medium can be destroyed and data become too damaged for recovery as well (think fire, water or trespassers for example). Cloud sounds like a more viable option to keep your record safe and easy to access but unfortunately, it’s usually quite pricy. When we are at budget, you should also consider ways of monitoring your home security system. As I’ve already mentioned you can either rely on yourself or choose professional 24/7 monitoring. It’s true that with professionals, you’ll have to spend more but they offer several perks so you may find the service worth its price. You don’t have to do anything after you place an order. Home security provider will install the system, set everything in motion and show how it works. Keep in mind though that your home security system installation may require filing for a permit at the municipalities.

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Whole house audio for your home

There is no surprise that whole house audio systems grow in popularity. They can be installed in house of almost any size but actually work best for larger ones. The idea is quite simple – instead of buying separate players, you can have only one, in whichever room you choose and sound speakers placed strategically all over your house. It gets even better from there with ubiquity of wireless systems, so installation of the whole thing is not only quick and easy but affordable as well. And you can play the music from almost any devices you want. But let’s take a closer look on the available solutions. The most basic type, known as single-source, single-zone, consists of single audio source so you have to listen the same music in every room. Single-source, multiple-zone is an upgrade from the first option. If you want to choose different song than the rest of your household, then sorry but still no deal. However, you can separately adjust volume to compensate for the room’s characteristics – namely shape, size and speakers placement – or turn the music off if you feel like it. The last and best (from the listeners standpoint) is multiple-source, multiple-zone. Yeah, it’s easy to guess that this solution allows everybody listens to whatever and however he or she likes. Unfortunately, when something seems too good to be true, then most probably is. Well, I’m not saying that there is something inherently wrong with the last system but it comes expensive comparing with the previous ones and requires professional installation. However, in the end finding a company who specializes in home audio in Chicago may not be a bad thing. Companies like for example Low Voltex not only do everything so you don’t have to lift a finger but also provide you with top quality equipment. For a layperson, a speaker is a speaker but if you are a music lover then you know that its quality and type can make a huge difference. The most common types used with audio systems, are tower and bookshelf speakers. Both of them are freestanding and theoretically can be placed virtually anywhere. However, bookshelf speakers, due their smaller size lands on some kind of support – shelf, countertop, workbench – you name it. Tower speakers can be used in the same capacity but most often than not are just placed directly on the floor. Those speakers can be used as well if you want better sound while watching TV. Actually, it’s sort of emergency solution, as they cannot offer surround sound environment. Now worry though, if after installing whole house audio system you develop a taste for home theater Low Voltex will be able to provide with it as well.

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