Make your hotel stand out with these renovation ideas

Even the most elegant hotel start looking a bit shabby after it has been accommodating crowd of guests, day in and day out. Owner of hospitality business may deem any changes or improvements unnecessary until some major breakdown occurs. Unfortunately, that isn't the wisest decision even if your hotel is already well established and recognizable. Your guests will notice wear and tear signs and move elsewhere or never come back. Worse yet, they can describe their experience in reviews, which will reflect badly on your hotel popularity and on your earnings. But no worries, you can prevent it by taking your hotel to the new level with appropriate renovation.

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Plan your hotel renovation properly

Hotel renovation can quickly pay for itself but only if you plan and execute it carefully. Complete makeover is all nice and well as long as you don’t turn everything upside down just for the sake of changing something. Or because your competitors added marble fountains and crystal chandeliers, so you feel the urge to outdo them. That won’t work. Better, think of changes that breathe new life or improve comfort of stay at your hotel. However, before you start renovation, you have to secure budget for the whole undertaking. When you already know how much money you can spend on your project, add extra 5 to 20% to the calculation (depending on scope of changes, hotels’ age, complexity of work, etc.). That contingency money should be put aside for issues, which you aren’t able to evaluate during the initial visual assessment. If you’ve never worked in construction nor have very little practical knowledge on the subject, it’s best to hire general contractor or project manager who did. Such people’s decisions may mean the difference between success or failure of the whole undertaking so chose someone, who have plenty of hands-on experience with hotels specific projects and understands designing standards, like contractors from AVA hotel renovations Chicago. Speaking of design – many hoteliers know exactly what changes and improvements they want to make in and around their buildings. Sometimes this conviction comes from the deep understanding of their customer expectations or need for keeping up with changing tastes of their clientele. At other times hotel is a part of larger franchise and has to adhere to the particular standards of its brand. If you don’t belong to neither of aforementioned groups and don’t have clear vision of your resort future looks then worry not. your hotel renovation company will help you with drawing the most suitable design. Depending on your preferences, they can work with the boundaries of the place’s current style or suggest something fresh and different. They won’t tell you what would be best in your particular circumstances as you are the one to know what type of customers you cater or want to cater to. But good company, basing on your insights, may propose practical solutions that will help in achieving your business goals. Let’s say that your hotel is frequented by older generations. Knowing that, your contractor can suggest choice of classic rather than contemporary design, installation of elevators (if you don’t have them already) and easy access to all of the areas available to guests. That said, the design that not only changes your hotel superficial décor but also touches the construction of the building itself, has to take into account the property condition.
Appropriate assessment of the building shape enables designers and construction team to remediate its potential influence on the project. It also helps to identify in advance issues, regarding building codes that have to be address before contractors get to work. Of course, starting hotel renovation also means that even if your project adheres to all of the standards and there are no problems with its condition, most often than not you’ll still be liable to obtain all of the necessary building permits. Actually, it’s either you or your hotel renovation company, so better choose wisely and find contractors, who will take that and possibly other burdens from your shoulders. If you haven’t close your resort for the time of remodeling you’re still in charge of running the place and providing as best service as possible considering all of the disruptions. Unfortunately, there will be some. That’s unavoidable but it’s always better if you can concentrate on minimizing loss of revenue. Bur getting back to the services you’re hotel renovation company may provide to lighten your load. They should include procurement of the materials. For one thing, good company, working on multiple projects has connections with many suppliers of remodeling materials, so they know what is available and can choose the best products. For another, they buy a lot of stuff, so there is a chance to get a substantial discount on what you need. However, there is another very important point of interest, regarding the apartment renovation NYC, which oftentimes is neglected or purposely omitted. That is guests’ wellbeing. Such statement sounds contradicting, with all of the upgrades and improvements going around. Most if not all of them are done for the sake of visitors after all. That’s true but your guests will benefit from the changes, when you complete them. If you don’t close your hotel completely during the makeover, visitors will have to ‘survive’ getting-there stage first. In such case, hiding from guests that you’re in the middle of renovation process is not only unfair but also harmful to your business. You wouldn’t be pleased to come home one day and see remodeling crew happily removing bathroom tiles or varnishing floors. Neither would your customers. So let them know before what they could expect. With properly prepared information they won’t feel duped but may even get excited that you’re are modernizing the hotel for them.

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Think of every aspect of apartment

There is no saying that during renovation of your hotel you have to turn everything upside down. Sometimes of course, it’s inevitable due to rebranding processes, profile change of your hotel (say more stars and the like) or targeted group of your customers. Or it may be because of natural aging and wearing down of equipment and décor. However, in the last case, reputable hotels have three remodeling cycles in their service life, which are refurbishment, basic renovation and complete renovation. First stage can come in the first 3-6 years, second after about 12 years and the third, most thorough, after as much as 50 years. Of course, costs increase exponentially with each stage but if you’re lucky, you can stick to basic refurbishment. Even the modest improvements can go a long way. Think of the desired hotel character as well as type of visitors that usually frequent your place. One of the areas that needs very careful design, particularly with today’s discerning customers, are apartments. That requirement and the sheer size of all rooms (compared to the other areas) consume large chunk of your budget. The most important quality of any apartment is its warm and inviting character. Customers should also feel that they get value for their money so room has to have appropriate rack rate for the standard offered (of course, if you want them to come back). Apartment can be roughly divided into four areas – lobby, work, sleep and bathroom zone. First one, that is lobby, starts immediately behind the room’s door. Getting there, guests look for somewhere to place their coats and suitcases. As result, typically in this part of the apartment are situated hangers, luggage racks and wardrobes. Work zone is a general term to describe part of the apartment around desk and/or dressing table where guests immerse themselves in all manner of activities including but not limited to work. They can also put make up, style their hair or eat meal delivered by room service. Therefore, any designing done here should be focused on functionality, with good lightning, both natural and artificial and plenty of power points that can support different equipment from laptops to hairdryers. You may also want to consider addition of coffee / tea making accessories and supplies with optional fridge that hold some cold refreshments and light snacks. Next area of the apartment is sleep zone, concentrating, how else, around the bed. Good quality, spacious bed with comfortable mattress and headboard is a must. The same goes for bedding. However, it not only should be pleasant to sleep at but also made of hypoallergenic materials. smooth, satin fabrics used for pillow cases and duvet covers not only will look great but add a hint of luxury to the whole thing.
Last but not least comes en-suite bathroom. This zone offers plenty of space for improvements and upgrades and requires consideration from the very start of designing process. Functionality is paramount both when it comes to your guests and employees. First groups expects both a place they can comfortably take care of hygienic needs and relax after day of work (if they are in business trip) or sightseeing (if on holidays). That’s why it’s worth to invest in good lightning for guest applying make-up or shaving. You should also take into account your housekeeping employees’ needs in regard of tidying up. Appropriate layout and fixtures facilitate cleaning and enable to maintain high levels of hygiene. While remodeling bathroom, you’ll also face the choice between the shower stall and the bathtub. Each option has its own pros and cons but if your aim is providing pampering, relaxing environment for your guest then elegant tub may prove the most viable decision. As you clearly see from above remunerations on bathtub vs. shower, perfect customer experience doesn’t limit itself solely to comfort and convenience. To make their stay remarkable, guests expect extra touches in shape of elegant, eye-catching details. Bathroom is particularly graceful area in that regard. High quality fixtures, delicate ceramic tiles, gleaming hardware and large hanging mirror can do wonders in creating the right impression. You may also want to add dressing table or better yet, classic stone countertops so you have a space for toiletry freebies and your guests – for personal belongings and other bathroom necessities. Granite is particularly good countertop material as it’s highly durable, nonporous, comes in different colors and patterns and offers unique look. To benefit fully from such fixtures, both in terms of functionality and esthetics, it’s important to employ reputable company, experienced in preparation of custom designs. One of the best choices would be Timeless Granite Countertops Chicago as they are well versed in made-to-measure solutions. During apartment renovation, you should take care not only of the most obvious elements but also of those that are usually passed without a second glance (unless they are badly needed). I’m talking here about heating and cooling systems that can drastically improve your guests stay, particularly during extreme weather outside. If you already have them in place, consider thorough cleaning and fixing potential issues. Good company that specializes in HVAC repair in Chicago can quickly restore equipment to working condition or (if it’s beyond repair) suggest worthy replacement.

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