Finest HVAC services in the entire greater Chicagoland area

Whether you are interested in maintaining your existing air conditioning systems or installing new ones, Global Heating & Cooling is the company for you. Over 15 years existing on the HVAC market translates to superbly qualified HVAC contractors Chicago. From mature and tested heating systems such as radiators, furnaces and boilers to brand-new technologies like Ductless Mini Split Cooling Systems or Radiant Heat Flooring, Global has it all. No matter what the customers need regarding the HVAC installations, this company is sure to satisfy them all.

The advantages of using the services of Global Heating & Cooling

Given their extensive experience, it is no wonder that they quickly pinpointed the problems with my air conditioning systems. However, their friendly and helpful attitude was a pleasant surprise. Many contractors can be pushy when offering new services, but HVAC contractors of Global Heating & Cooling simply inform you what you could do to improve your home and leave the decision to you. I was glad to find out that, because the cost of all the repairs exceeded $150 the trip charge would be waived. It is easy to see that the 5 star rating on Yelp is fully deserved.