Hardwood floor made to measure

I always loved Scandinavian style décor with its bright colors, straight lines and minimalistic design, so when I bought an apartment I knew how I want to have it decorated. I’m sort of do do-it-yourself kind of person and I’m quite adept in renovating my living space so I completed most of the job by myself. However when the time came to lay the flooring I just decided that it’s better to call professionals. No big deal you may say, there are plenty of flooring contractors in Northbrook. Be that as it may I wanted my floor covered perfectly and as a result I decided on services of TEDDY Hardwood Flooring Northbrook, IL.

How to find perfect floor to match your interiors?

They were very helpful from the very beginning, finding perfect match for my Scandivian interiors. I fell in love with maple wood and its soft, velvety oil finish, but has some doubts about engineered wood as it is not as durable as solid wood. The guys from TEDDY Hardwood Flooring overcame my doubts explaining that this way I would have all of the floors (including tiled kitchen and bathroom floor) of consistent height and the top layer is still thick enough for potential refinish. Thanks to TEDDY I’m a happy owner of an apartment with exquisite flooring.