Professional tile installation in Roselle

Do you know what I dislike about home remodeling services? Most of the time they claim to do wonders and at a bargain but they seldom deliver on that promises. I`m mentioning this because recently I`ve been very positively surprised in that regard. I was looking for a contractor, who offered professional tile installation Roselle. It doesn`t sound like a big deal with all of that tile companies springing like mushrooms after the rain but it was. My bathroom is quite unusual in its layout and required careful planning, so it would be functional and at the same time look good. I spoke with several contractors about my problem but wasn`t particularly impressed by suggested solutions. Up until I called Express Tile Contractor. They proved very helpful as well as knowledgeable. I not only learned about different tiling products that would suit my needs but also about optical tricks that could change the bathroom looks without necessity of modifying its layout.

tile installation in bathroom project by Express Tile Contractor

Tile contractors who exceed your expectations

I very liked the propositions, so I asked if they could make an appropriate design. They did and I loved it even more than the first vague musings about the possible benefits of this or that solution. Actually, the drawn project with choice of samples was what sealed the deal for me. But my positive experience with Express Tile contractors in Roselle hasn`t ended there. When they got to work, I saw for myself that they not only are experts in drawing plans but also in executing them. They did excellent and very efficient job with my bathroom tile installation. Of course, there was usual mess and noise but guys tried to keep disruption to the minimum and tidied afterword. Summing up - Express Tile Contractor didn`t meet my expectations but... exceeded them by a large margin :)!

tile contractors roselle during work