Picking the pattern of kitchen tiles

When I was remodeling my house, I decided to completely rebuild the kitchen. I didn't know how difficult assembling kitchen tiles can be, so after trying by myself for some time, finally I decided to hire a company called Painting and Tile, inc. for the job. I later learned, by watching them, that professional tile installation is a lot different from what I was trying to do by myself. But before they began working, Painting and Tile inc. decided to help me with a material I was going with. Of course glass was off the table, as it, at least for me, belongs strictly in the bathroom. I was stuck with porcelain and marble tiles. I've heard some good things about ceramic tiles too, but I had it before, an I wanted some change in my surroundings. People from Painting and Tile decided to help me, because I was completely stuck and couldn't decide if I wanted marble or porcelain tiles.

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What certified tile installer can give you

I said to them initially that money wasn't the factor for me, so they explained to me all the differences between marble and porcelain. It included durability of the materials, methods of assembly, time that was required to install it, and some other minor factors. The point is, that Painting and Tile didn't simply advice me to choose the more expensive option (which is something what I think most of tile installers would do), but really but their heart into choosing the material for me. That was when I knew that they are the best tile installation company I have ever worked with. So if you have a house remodeling job coming and you don't know what to do about the tiles, I think Painting and Tile might be an answer.

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