The Tile Shop Chicago Knows and Trusts

My dog ate my tile. I know, that sounds like an excuse. The classic “the dog ate my homework.” But I came home and found out that my Newfoundland puppy had actually eaten my kitchen floor, so I needed to buy new tile. I found Studio47 and they are by far the best tile shop chicago

has ever had! I love their selection so much.

The Best Selection of Any Tile Shop Chicago Offerings

I walked into the store with little beyond the measurements of my room and gloom. But the friendly customer service there helped me out drastically. They greeted me with a smile and were able to coax enough information out of me to lead me to a few possible tile selections—one of which I immediately fell in love with. It’s much sturdier, and much prettier, than my original tile. So, you know, maybe my dog eating my tile was actually a blessing in disguise.