Chimney Cap in Glenview | Chimney Capping Experts

Chimney caps play a vital role in the functionality and preservation of your chimney. There are a ton of chimney cap choices and price-points that are available on the retail market. But how do you know which one to choose? An ill-fitting cap is not going to help you with your fireplace function and keeping animals out. At Chimney Cap in Glenview, we specialize in custom-made caps that fit correctly, and create problem-free and highly functional protection for your chimney mortar, inside and out.


Book an appointment with our customer service team, and one of our skilled inspectors will come to your home. We will assess your chimney’s condition and suggest some actions you can take to prolong the life and increase your fireplace performance. As we custom manufacturer caps for every chimney, we are confident in our abilities to solve even the most challenging chimney installation.