Joe Sewer Cleanout & Drain Cleaning Joliet

If you have ever used the restroom, washed your hands, or have taken a shower, then you know that the drainage and sewer systems are important, so that filthy water has somewhere to go. But just like a lot of essential services, they are often ignored and taken for granted, until there is a problem. And by the time most of us notice the problem, it is often already too late.


Unless you are a plumber, most of us don’t realize the intricacies that go into plumbing, piping, and sewer lines. We just wash, flush, or whatever, and forget about it, until we have a clogged bathroom sink Joliet home, or have to call for a drain cleaning plumber Joliet. And sure, some of the issues that clog drains are accidental, others unavoidable, but a little forethought, a little vigilance, can do wonders for your drain and pipe health.

Some ways to prevent the need for expensive drain cleaning Joliet are:

  1. Have a drain catch so hair doesn't accumulate deep within the pipes.
  2. Run hot water when rinsing out the skin of toothpaste chunks
  3. Never pour grease down the drain.
  4. Run cold water when using your garbage disposal
  5. Run very hot water through all of your drains for a couple of minutes, at least once a month.

If you have to call a cleanout plumber Joliet, do not use drain cleaner beforehand. It is heavily acidic and dangerous for anyone working on your drains. If you want to prevent items falling into the drain, a metal mesh drain catch is a good investment. And pulling your drain plug to get hair caught by the hook will do wonders. Only you can prevent the nightmare of significant drain clogging.