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Before getting a new roofing by your local roofing company

Keeping your roof in a top shape is vital for whole house condition as it protects from elements – rain, snow and wind but sun and heat as well. You need to bear in mind however that roof is the least accessible part of your building for all of the necessary installations, repairs or renewals. That’s why you want to get acquainted with your local roofing companies in Chicago area ahead of time. This approach will let you avoid frantic online research when your roof covering starts leaking, shingles are missing or you need to find a reliable roofer to complete roof installation on a new house.


Why is it better to hire a professional roofing company?

At first glimpse hiring professional roofers may seem like a pretty dumb idea. Doing roof installation or repair by yourself cannot be that difficult and can save some money in the process, right? Unfortunately, not. Something that looks pretty simple and straightforward when done by professional roofing company in Chicago, often proves next to impossible to lay people. And sometimes it turns out quite dangerous. Why so? There is always a risk of falling off of the roof. Even if you are extra careful there is no guaranty that you spot in time damaged covering or slippery surface and resulting fall, may cause serious injuries. Another reason for hiring roofing contractors is their experience in and knowledge of what they do. That way you will get roof installed or repaired with all the important details, like for example insulation, waterproofing or flashing, properly done. What’s more the professional roofers will do the job in the fraction of time you would need. And if you think that doing it yourself will save you money, think again. For example McKinley roofing companies Chicago can buy in bulk and have access to high quality materials from construction suppliers, thus giving you value for your money and good looking roof that last longer than the DIY version. Last but not least, installation or repair done by roofing contractors (as well as materials used) is, most often than not, covered by warranty.


How to find a reliable roofing contractors down in Chicago, Illinois?

So, if you feel convinced that the best way to take care of your roof is by finding a reliable roofing company, now it’s time, well, to find it. The easiest way to this is typing your query in the browser and voila… or maybe not. There are thousands of entries regarding vroofing contractors in Chicago, so checking every one of them for reliability isn’t an option. Let’s try different approach then and start with the basics, that is whether the roofing companies that you are interested in specializes in commercial or residential roofing, as these two types of roofing require different set of skills and materials. Of course nobody said that choose Chicago roofing company cannot be well versed in more than one kind of roofing. Next step is determining whether the contractor can supply you with chosen materials. That part is important not only when roof installation or reroofing is needed but when extensive repairs with covering replacement are required as well. Next – getting a quote for the service. Keep in mind though that you don’t always want to go for a cheap option as some of the products, e.g. customized and of high quality, turn out quite pricey. What you do want, is getting value for money, that comes with professional roofing service and materials best suited for the task. Last but not least, it’s time to have a look on the reviews. Reliable roofing contractors mean happy clients, who want to share their positive experience and confirm that you choose appropriate company to do the job.


Best roofing companies in Chicago suburbs: Arlington Heights, Glenview, Naperville or Schaumburg?

Roofing companies from Chicago area are usually larger than the ones residing in suburbs and are versed in anything and everything in regard to roofing service. Local roofers however know the specific of constructions in your area and they can often give you roofing free estimation.

Let’s have a look at

Arlington Heights for starters.

Here if you need roofing company for residential roofing services particularly worth mentioning is Cezar’s Roofing Arlington Heights, IL. They offer wide choice of services ranging from installation and repairs through restoration after hail damage to simple inspection for potential problems. Whether you need highly affordable asphalt shingles, durable metal panels or slate tiles for unique look Cezar’s Construction is the place to go. Ok, but what about someone living in or operating business form

Glenview area?

That’s not a problem. TZ Roofing Companies in Glenview, IL cater both to people requiring commercial and residential roofing service, which is not a small thing as both kinds of constructions require different set of skills and products. Neither flat not gable roof pose a challenge to the TZ Roofing contractors as they are well versed in both and can supply you with roofers who could deal with almost any type of material. Metal, rubber, slate, shingle you name it. And, the icing on the cake, cedar shakes for that beautiful rustic look of your house.

How about Naperville and surrounding area?

If you need trustworthy company that offers roofing at affordable prices contractors from White Eagle Roofing Company Northbrook, IL may prove the right choice for you. Naperville roofing contractors provide you with wide range of services, be it installation of a new roof, replacement of the old one or reroofing. As the company is well versed with different kinds of materials you won’t get constricted with your choice – metal, rubber, shingles, slate, shakes – you can pick whatever suits your needs best.

But you live in Schaumburg and want to find roofing company near you.

Oh, you’ll certainly find some local roofers but which one of them will cut the deal? That’s where Chicagoland Roofing Companies Schaumburg, IL come in. As they have years of experience working in roofing business, they can provide you with best roofing contractors for your undertaking and help with queries and potential doubts that may come along the way. And, being in business for over thirty years they give suggestions that result in getting more bang for your bucks.

It’s time to have a look on roofing companies in Mount Prospect, IL.

Here you find another company worth of recommending for roof replacement in particular as they offer affordable rates that are hard to beat - Sezor Roofing Mount Prospect, IL. If you need different roofing service, no worries, the company provides you with wide range of other roofing services as well – roof installation, repairs, hail damage restoration and roof inspections among other plus ample choice of roofing materials. Summing up there are plenty of roofing companies in Chicago area but the aforementioned contractors can honestly be named the best.


Getting a new roof installation by roofing company

One of the most important investment when building a house is a roof installation. As the task isn’t as easy as it may appear at first glance, hiring professional roofing contractors is a wise choice. So, you’ve already found suitable roofers and are waiting impatiently to have the installation started. Before first piece of roof covering can be laid down however, there are few steps that need completion. Let’s start with choosing material for your new roof. What you end up with doesn’t solely rely on budget at your disposal and aesthetic expectations but on benefits and drawbacks of different products. Now it’s a good time to discuss your needs and doubts with your local roofing companies who will help you with finding most suitable option. Shingles, tiles, slate, copper, you name it and the roofer discern whether the roof will be exactly what you want it to be. Next part of roof installation consists of cost estimation and plan drawing. When you have everything ready it’s time to start laying roof. First the water and ice barrier is installed around your roof, then the drip edge is put for the lower part of the roof. When the aforementioned elements are in place is time to install underlayment and finally on top of it roof covering of your choice. Last but not least your roofing contractors will seal pipes and vents and waterproof and flash crucial parts of its construction. However, if you don’t need a new roof you can, depending on what is required, either replace it or do the reroofing.

The difference between roof replacement and re-roofing services

Facing thorough roof renewal you have two options which are roof replacement and reroofing. Second one is considered cheaper and less labor intensive but how to differentiate which will suit you. So let’s start from the beginning that is establishing the difference between both types of roofing service. Reroofing consists of laying of new shingles on the top of the old ones. Because during reroofing the existing layer off shingles isn’t torn off the whole process is less expensive than roof replacement and takes definitely less time. This can be done only once so if you already have two layers, then sorry, no deal. Roof replacement on the other hand consists of taking off old material, with underlayment if required, putting in its place a new one. First option may be viable if you are sure that the roof by itself is in good condition and the only issues you experience are minor leaks. If however problem concerns for example the roof deck or substantial amount of shingles are in poor shape it’s better to contact your local roofing contractor and discuss replacing the whole. It is better to address existing problem instead of covering it up. That way you pay up front more but as a result get safer and long term solution.

Roof installation cost vs roof replacement cost - about metal roofing manufacturers

Metal roof is one of the most expensive type of roofing which is not without a reason. Firstly, metal roof is a very general term that applies to plethora of materials with or without coatings, sporting different styles. For example Worthouse - metal roofing manufacturer offers highest quality modular metal roofing tiles crafted with the best German steel, with pre-drilled holes that make roof installation really easy and reduce material waste. Each of the product has different properties: pliability, durability, corrosion resistance etc. and comes with different price tag, ranging anything from $3 to $18 per square feet. So why bother then? Having metal roof installed or replaced, especially using high quality products from renown metal roofing manufacturers will almost literally pay for itself. Metal roof can last over a lifetime, increases resale value of the house and helps with saving on heating bills. How much exactly does metal roof installation vs. metal roof replacement cost? That depends on the size, complexity, type and style of the roof but approximately laying a new roof cost $560-$765per roof square and replacing it - $350–$700 per square. The total cost includes not only price of metal but waste percentage, shipping and labor as well, the last one being the most expensive part of the whole installation (sometimes 3 to 7 times of the metal cost). That’s why when deciding on metal roof there is no point in buying inferior materials.

What are the most popular roofing types in Chicago and suburbs?

In Chicago and suburbs there are basically to main types of roofing i.e. residential and commercial the difference being their structure (commercial roofs are usually flat or have a slight slope) and to a less extent materials used. Among commercial roofs we can distinguish flat, rubber, metal and shingle roofing.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs as the names indicates are flat and horizontal. It is quite inexpensive but best suited for small buildings both commercial and residential. Due to propensity to trap water it is provided with waterproof membrane.


Rubber Roofing

This kind of roofing is made either of EPDM and TPO. First one is black, second – white and can be used both on flat and sloped roofs.


Metal Roofing

Popular types of metal roofing includes steel, aluminum, copper, tin and zinc. However expensive it is very durable, long lasting and resistant to elements.


Shingle Roofing

Shingles can be found both on commercial and residential buildings. It’s probably the most versatile type of roofing as it comes in different shapes and can be made from wide range materials. The most popular residential roofs are: slate roofs, wood shake and already mentioned shingle and flat roofing.


Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is made of natural stone. It offers unique esthetic qualities and is very durable but at the same time extremely heavy.


Wood Shake Roofing

Last but not least wood shake roofing, often mistaken with wood shingles, the difference being with its rough, less even surface and slightly wedged shape. It’s excellent choice for anyone looking for rustic look.