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At Roman Tile Contractors Chicago, you will get the best service, guaranteed! We are well known throughout Chicagoland for our bathroom and kitchen tile installation, and also backsplash installation. Our team members are extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of tile options including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, slate tiles, marble tiles, and stone tiles. Each tile type lends itself well to different projects. Learn about the best options for your unique project from tile contractors Chicago homeowners trust. Our customer service team is always happy to assist. Contact us today to get your tile installation in Chicago started!

Bathroom Tile Installation

Bathrooms are an excellent place for tiles. They can be great for the floor, shower, and backsplashes! Oftentimes, porcelain and glass mosaic tiles are frequently used in bathrooms. They are water resistant and come in a variety of colors. We provide expert services in Chicago and the surrounding areas at highly affordable rates. Contact us to find out more about our top notch installation and variety of tile options.


Kitchen Tile Installation

Finding tile contractors Chicago trusts with their kitchen is difficult—but not when you use Roman Tile Contractors Chicago! You’re guaranteed the best of service, most affordable rates in town, and experienced tile contractors. From flooring to backsplash, kitchen tile keeps your kitchen easy to clean and fashionable. To find out more, contact us. We’d love to discuss our tile options including mosaic, marble, stone, glass, ceramic, and porcelain tiles.

Tile Backsplash Installation

Backsplashes are perfect additions to a kitchen, or even a bathroom. They can add a “splash” of color, or match the rest of your décor—your choice! But no matter what, backsplashes can protect walls from water damage. It can also protect your kitchen walls from grease and food spatters, making them easier to clean. Roman Tile Contractors are the best tile installers in Chicago. Call today to learn more.


Tile Floor Installation

The best tile floor installation in Chicago is found at Roman Tile Contractors. Our years of experience gives us an edge when it comes to installing tile. We are expedient, experienced, and know how to work with and install a wide variety of tile types including ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, stone, mosaic, slate, and more! For tile installers Chicago homeowners can count on, look no further. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Tile installation tools

Tile installation is, in some ways, an artform. But it is a highly specific artform, with a particular set of tools which all tile installers in Chicago know to use. Tile contractors in Chicago will typically start off with a manual tile cutter. This essential tool cuts cleanly and precisely, without damaging the tile. Some jobs also call for a tile saw, which is necessary in order to make fine cuts. A lot of tile installation in Chicago will require the use of high-quality drill bits in order to cut precise holes without cracking or damaging the tile itself.

For these situations, most professionals prefer diamond drill bits for maximum durability and accuracy. Next up, tile contractors will need to make the mortar. For this process, a professional tile mortar mixer is highly recommended, as well as rubber buckets in which to transport the adhesive substance. For the actual grouting process, you will need tile trowels and rubber grout floats. As you can see, there are a lot of tools which go into making the perfect tile floor, so be sure to leave your bathroom or kitchen tile installation in Chicago to trusted experts!

ANDY Tile Contractors Chicago, IL

There comes a time in a life of every home owner when you consider remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. In time like this, we recommend you precise searching for a reliable tile installers. One of the greatest tile installation Chicago services are performed by Andy Tile Contractors Chicago. In case you have missed them, we'll point out some of the pros of working with Andy Tile.

Why hire Andy Tile Installation Chicago?

First of all, they are really a professional tile contractors. They got years of experience in tile installers profession and they really strive to provide only highest quality services in Chicago. Also their skilled contractors use only the best equipment and high class tile supplies. One could say that in pair with great quality of work comes high price - nothing more wrong! Andy tile contractors offers the best services for fair price. And last, but not least advantage of Andy - their customer service. In case you are no sure which tiles choose for your bathroom or wonder about the total cost of tile installation, just give a call to Andy. They will always try to help you!